Product: Kids Entertainment / Edutainment Gaming Website
Role: Executive Game Producer / Kid Advocate / Program Manager
Client: Post Kids Cereals (Kraft)
Date: 1999-2009
Market/Type: Gaming, Education, Marketing
Agencies: Skyworks, Smashing Ideas, Blockdot, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros

Kraft / Post Cereals launched an online kids entertainment / edutainment platform from 1999-2009.

I was the Executive Game Producer, Kid Advocate and Program Manager on the project for 10 years. My responsibility was to oversee the creation and production of the website, the promotions and specifically the games. The launch team consisted of 55+ people across five different cities and over the years rotated in/out fresh talent based on the needs of the platform.

During my time on the platform I was responsibile for everything related to the gaming experience. My responsibilties included Strategy, Budgeting, Vendor Management/Evaluation, Concept, Exectuion, Testing, Integration and Marketing.

I launched 100+ games using Flash, Shockwave, Wild Tangent and Unity game enginges to create a unique experience that long outlasted many of our competitors in the space. The types of games launched were Arcade, Designer, Adventure, Puzzle, Sports, Multiplayer, Virtual Pets and more.

Games featured our owned Postopia Characters (Nick, Kiki, Chelsea, Zander), Post Cereals Mascots (Flintstones Fred/Barney, Honeycomb Craver, Waffle Crisp Waffle Boy), or partnered with media companies to launch Xiaolin Showdown, Batman, Justice League, Teen Titans, Polar Express).

Postopia Games

Monster Rumble
The Postopia Adventure
Mystery of Sector Alpha
DJ @ the Starfish Lounge
Shop, Don’t Drop
Hysterical History
Ice Burbs Frozen Bowling
Kiki’s Polar Challenge
Nick’s Ocean Quests
Pebbles Dome Reefball
Postopia Miniature Golf
Whack-y Ballgame
Zander’s Robotopia
Zander’s Wild Time Rescue
Mission Match-Up
Make It, Skate It Fall Fashions
Postopia Food Fling Ecards
Postopia Food Fling
Zander’s Robopets
Nick’s Octo-Hockey
Zander’s Vert Jam
Zander’s Wild Time Rescue: Land of Dinosaurs
Monkey Huts
Snowboard Jam
Big League Bobble
Bobblehead Creation Zone
Ultimate Baseball
MorFits Farm
Clamshell Shoot
Rocket Skate Relay
Satellite Slam
Snowball Catch-All
Kiki’s Dream Room Designer
Be a Popstar
Cereal Factory Pinball
Asteroid Avalanche
Make It, Skate It Summer Fashions
Make It, Skate It Fashions
Wacky Waterskiing
Space Nation Pilots
MorFits Quest
Kiki’s Extreme Polar Ice Caps
Game Frame
Marching Monkeys
Kiki’s Polar Ice Caps
Stadium Soccer Showdown
Speedway Challenge

Post Cereal Games

Big Mouth Life
Big Life Tour
Honeycomb Monster Truck
Honeycomb Taste & Tell
Honeycomb Havoc
Honeycomb Flying Disc Toss
Bronk’s Sky Glide
Bronk’s Mountain Adventure
Bronk’s Jungle Adventure
Mt. Pebbles Snowbard Dash
Pebbles Dash Dare
Bedrock Superstar
Bedrock & Roll
Pebbles Popstar
Pebbles Big Rock Show
Adventure Beneath Bedrock
Brontos on the Loose
Lair of the Cocoa Dragon
Pebbles VidRock
Fruity Pebbles Beach Break
Bedrock Bobsleddin’ Blowout
Super Cocoa Man
Honeycomb Stunt Bike
Fruity Pebbles Spy Caper
Flintstones DVD
The Great Gazoo Space Chase
Cocoa Pebbles Boulder Dash
Fruity Pebbles Bumper Pool
Pebbles Quarry Adventure
Pebbles Robopup Run
Bedrock Snowball Bash
Bedrock Snowball Bash Ecard
Pebbles Passport to the World
Pebbles Great Cocoa Chase

Partner Games

The Polar Express™ Train Adventure Game
The Fairly OddParents Bloopers
Batman Training Academy
The Collection: Straight Air
TEEN TITANS Lost Episode
Xiaolin Showdown

An entire decade later, kids who grew up with Postopia are still talking about their experience with great reverence and nostalgia.