Product: Cheez-It, Portfolio Management
Role: Program Manager
Client: Kelloggs
Date: 2013
Marketing, Ads, Social, Websites, Experiences
Razorfish, Leo Burnett

At Razorfish I functioned as a Program Manager over multiple Kellogg properties which included Cheez-It.

There were numerous marketing campaigns and experiences that I also Project Managed. These included the Cheez-It Social Media Accounts, Real American Road Trip and Vote for the Top Cheese.

Cheez-It “Vote for the Top Cheese”

During an election year, how does a brand incentivize fans to dabble with disloyalty, buy new flavors, and tell their friends to do the same?

We introduced real choices with candidates they could believe, who had relevant platforms and spoke about pertinent issues. All lobbying for your vote for the Top-Cheese.

Flip-flopping was encouraged and you could vote as many times as you liked. Votes were earned through playing games and sharing, etc. The top voters won a 4-year supply of their favorite flavor and the winner got a cheese bust of her/his likeness carved and printed on the box.

Program Details:
• Facebook Experience, On-Line Voting + Gaming
• YouTube Videos featuring Cheese Candidates + Cheese Slinging Campaign
• Studio Video Shoot with Union Talent for Winner of the Top Cheese
• Playstation Online Experience
• Ad Campaigns
• Packaging Design

The Results:
• 25% sales increase across featured flavors
• Over 65,000,000 total votes
• Over 600,000 new Facebook fans
• Over 620,000 voters
• 1 in 10 visited multiple times
• 2013 FAB Award for Effective Integrated Advertising

Cheez-It Vote for the Top Cheese Case Study
Cheez-It Playstation Experience
Cheez-It Cheese Slinging Ads