Guardians of History

Product: Voice Enabled Gaming App for Alexa / Google
Role: Creator / Product Manager / Executive Game Producer
Client: Encyclopedia Britannica (Kids)
Date: 2018-2019
Market/Type: Voice App, Gaming, Education
Agencies: Moonshot by Pactera, Audacious Machine Creative

Britannica launched a voice-activated game called Guardians of History under its Britannica for Kids brand, becoming one of the first companies to combine educational content, gaming and audio. The product is focused on 5-12 year olds and capable of being enjoyed by the whole family!

The Guardians of History skill harvested content from Britannica’s historical archives to teach children about the Ancient Greece time period from a fictional character’s perspective for its first episode.

Britannica took the role-playing game to the next level by creating custom sound effects and used four different voice actors for the various characters to fully immerse the player in the historical time period.

The game is available on both Amazon Alexa and Google Home and on multi-modal devices like the Echo Show and Nest Hub which feature custom illustrations to further immerse players into Ancient Greece.

The Guardians of History voice app also demonstrates that voice-first experiences can engage the user longer than just a few minutes. The game time can take up to 40 minutes, making it one of the longest playtimes for a voice app.

The interactive game features eight different endings which can also increase the app’s retention rate. The Guardians of History voice app demonstrates how a children’s digital-encyclopedia brand can use voice technology to stay relevant and further engage its target audience while also achieving its main mission: educating kids.


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