Curiosity Compass

Product: Marketing Website/Campaign, Personality Quiz
Role: Product Director
Client: Encyclopedia Britannica (Corporate)
Date: 2018
Market/Type: Marketing, Education

To celebrate Encyclopedia Britannica’s 250th anniversary, I lead the team that created the Curiosity Compass, an experience that empowers curiosity and inspires you to be true to yourself.

As part of this experience, the Curiosity Challenge compels you to dive into the past, the present, the self, and the community through a multi-week e-mail challenge with social components.

Curiosity Compass – Marketing Video

The full marketing campaign and promotional event was kicked off at Encyclopedia Britannica’s 250th Anniversary on 12/10/2018. It began with “Curiosity Day” which was kicked off at Jesse White Learning Academy, in Hazel Crest, Ill., and Eisenhower Academy, in Joliet, Ill.

Encyclopedia Birtannica even got a great shout out from the students!

The City of Chicago even got in on the 250th celebration. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proclaimed December 10, 2018 “Encyclopaedia Britannica Day.