Britannica Kids

Product: Children’s Reference & Educational Website
Role: Product Director / Product Manager
Client: Encyclopedia Britannica (Kids)
Date: 2017-2019
Market/Type: Kids, Education

Britannica Kids was designed as a safe and trusted site that allowed kids to explore topics that piqued their interest. It features age-appropriate reading levels customized for every age group; with easy, digestible articles for young learners to thorough research and analysis for sophisticated scholars. The content was designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and standards, making it easy for students to complete assignments or projects.

In order to relaunch the product, which had remained static for over 10 years, we needed to understand the existing audience better and determine where we wanted to go in the future. We launched surveys via newsletters and on-site popups in order to capture their feedback. The Britannica Kids product requires adult involvement in order to subscribe so we also captured adult audience sentiment from the larger website.

Once User Profiles for the existing users and future users were identified and agreed upon we began content and UX audits in order to determine what we were keeping, improving or discarding.

The product was scheduled to go to market quickly so we decided to leverage existing content and infrastructure from similar internal products to gain traction and speed-to-market velocity that could make us more competitive with a market segment that was increasingly becoming more important to the Britannica business.

The end result was a full UX/UI overhaul, modernizing the code structure to function across Desktop/Tablet/Mobile, add a whole new level of SEO visibility and functionality and lastly develop the infrastructure that would allow for new editorial features that were previously missing.